Buying A Business With Us Is Just A Matter of Few Steps


It all starts with you. Before you decide to start a business ask yourself questions such as 'What kind of business interest you?' 'How much money do you have to invest?' 'How much risk are you willing to assume?' 'How involved can you be?' and most importantly 'What are you good at?'


With you criteria in mind, you can search for a business on EDGE BUSINESS BROKERS which suits you or talk to us.


Contact us via email or phone and we will arrange for a face to face meeting where you can ask any further questions you may have.


When you are ready to buy, we will send you a non-disclosure form to sign.


After the non-disclosure form is signed, you can visit the business and meet the owner where applicable and any questions or concerns you may have can be discussed. Once you have decided to buy the business, we will help you negotiating the sale and communicate back and forth between the parties until a mutual agreement is reached.


You will be given an offer to purchase in writing to sign.


Once the seller signs the offer to purchase form, you will be advised to proceed with the payments accordingly through our attorney and trust account.


Once the full payment has been made, the final hand over and take over of the business will take place and the business will be transferred to the new owner. We will help you to make sure the transitions goes over smoothly.